Course contents

Instructions and support to complete the official Dr Vodder course

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    Accessing the course material and exam

    • Creating an account on the DVAI website

    • Accessing the lecture videos and PDF

    • Updating your profile and help for the DVAI website

    • Log-in details as provided by the Dr Vodder Akademie International

    • DVAI lecture videos, presentation PDF and printing

    • Accessing the DVAI exam and using the 'Test exam'

    • Completing the DVAI exam

    • Exam details as provided by the Dr Vodder Akademie International

    • What if you don't pass the DVAI online exam?

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    MLO Study Guides for Level 1

    • What's in this section

    • Historical background

    • Historical background Quiz

    • Basics of human anatomy

    • Anatomy Quiz

    • Basics of human physiology and histology

    • Physiology Quiz

    • Basics of human pathology

    • Pathology Quiz

    • General information about MLD

    • MLD Quiz

    • Introduction to the clinical picture of oedema

    • Lymphoedema Quiz

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    MLO lectures on topics of interest

    • Additional MLO videos

    • Structure and function of loose connective tissue

    • Oedema formation and classifications

    • Fluid movement at the capillary

    • Microcirculation quiz

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    Other MLO resources

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    Evaluation and feedback

    • Course Evaluation