Course curriculum

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    Introduction to MTC Lymph Taping

    • Access to this pre-course

    • Course description

    • Online pre-course development

    • MTC Lymph Taping - Introduction and history

    • #CureTape properties and characteristics

    • Properties of #PunchTape

    • Apply monitor and remove a test strip

    • Introduction to the effects of Lymph Taping

    • Contraindications to lymph taping

    • Research on kinesiology taping

    • Research on Lymph Taping

    • Systematic Reviews on Lymph Taping

    • RCTs on taping for BCRL

    • Can tape replace compression therapies?

    • Case Studies on Lymph Taping

    • Reports on scar taping

    • Taping for venous insufficiency

    • Taping for Total Knee Replacement

    • Post-surgical taping

    • Journal Club

    • MTC online pre-course evaluation